10 modern ideas for beds that are driving the Internet crazy. Which one do you choose?


What are we usually looking for when choosing a bed? It is comfort, size and softness, however that is a thing of the past.

Nowadays a bed can offer you many things that could never have crossed our mind, and that is why we bring you 10 modern ideas of beds that you could adapt in your bedroom. You’re going to hallucinate!

These beds are designed to save a lot of space in the bedroom and keep things always within reach.

1. Elegant and modern white color bed, ideal for couples

2. Bed with speakers adapted to one side

3. Gray-toned bed with safe

4. Large spaces

5. With mini folding shelf for laptop

6. Light on one side, with connectors and small seats that are integrated

7. Leather upholstery super stylish

8. Upholstered fabric cover

9. Completely white bed with comfortable armchair on one side

10. Our favorite: Futuristic bed with projector for watching movies or surfing the internet, a sound system, lighting that mimics the starry sky above the bed, LED lights both on the floor and on the top and a flavoring dispenser.

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