12 great ideas to paint and make textures on the walls without spending a lot of money. They will be very useful!


On several occasions we have tried to renew the environments of our home by changing the color of walls, ceilings or stairs. However, if you are looking for a totally different appearance, a good option is to create textures and shapes that generate a bit of dynamism in the space. Today we show you some tricks that you can practice to make your walls look amazing with easy finishing. Remember that important thing is giving a special touch but be original. It is just a matter of using a little imagination and using some objects such as brooms, sponges, rollers with textures…

1. Paint with using a sponge: Dilute paint with a little water and apply the mixture with a sponge. Beware of excess paint, the sponge should not be dripped

2. With textured rollers to create beautiful shapes on your walls

3. You can also rub a brush over the freshly painted wall to create a texture of vertical lines

4. Using a palm broom is another alternative

5. Choose a pattern that you like and use it

6. Vinyl ornaments is an elegant option to decorate your walls

7. A zigzag layout looks fantastic

8. Decorate your walls with watery paint: add water to the paint and the mixture is quite watery, thus obtain a translucent finish

9. Crackled texture finish: Acrylic paint should be mixed with chalk powder and applied as normal

10. Buy a motif template to paint walls and give it an incredible look

11. Mopping: a very original finish for your walls; proper technique to hide imperfections of the wall. Apply the paint with a brush and, before it dries, spread it with a wrinkled cloth.

12. A little animal print to brighten up your stays Start now to completely change the look of your rooms!

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