12 ideas for center-pieces that will make your home, party or meeting fabulous. Beautiful and easy to do!


The combination of different materials, textures and colors can give you the best center-pieces for your desired wedding or birthday party, although we know that these will always end up decorating a corner, that’s why they need to be perfect.

Reflect your essence in the decoration of your banquet according to the style you are looking for. Check out these ideas!

1. Simple but elegant

2. Sober looking

3. Mirror-like center-piece with beautiful orchids

4. For lovers of dorado. Perfect combination for pink roses!

5. A centerpiece of this style is always useful for any home environment

6. Pretty rustic. Perfect for outdoor environments!

7. Let’s do it for a more informal celebration

8. The cactus can become a fabulous decoration

9. A dozen gannets inside a glass container with stones in background. Beautiful and easy to recreate!

10. A combination of gannets and orchids to achieve a phenomenal appearance

11. A combination of stones and cactus for a dry environment

12. Did you ever think of lemons with roses for a centerpiece? Its smell which mixed citrus with roses is exquisite!

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