12 ideas for decorating entrance of your house


A hall (or entrance console) is an important aspect of the house, because it is the first thing that people notice when entering. That place can be decorated in different ways to liven up the environments, and we have together a dozen ideas to share with you and make your hall a beautiful place. Keep watching!

1. Modest entry console that be incredible in any home

2. Rustic looking to make perfect juice with brick walls

3. A receiver adapted to the wall and illuminated with LED lights is the ideal if you want something elegant

4. Modest and pretty

5. A great option to keep everything in order

6. A sober decoration for more serious aspects

7. Concentrate all attention on the mirror

8. For larger spaces: Long mirror with extended receiver cabinet

9. Large wooden cabinet with horizontal mirror and lamps on the sides

10. With huge mirror

11. A comfortable idea

12. Comfortable and natural

What option would you choose?

Let’s share your ideas with us.

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