15 ideas for original and practical kitchen islands. They will make you fall in love!


Decorating interior spaces of kitchens not only change aesthetics and apply a different model to what is already available, but also establish a more functional space.

One of the proposals oriented to this sense is based on creating the island as a central axis of design and functionality in interior decoration kitchens. An island provides a functional, comfortable space, adapt both for cooking, serving food and sharing a special moment.

That reason we love kitchens with islands. We have some images to convince you to place one in your home. Cooking now will be more practical with a cooking island!

1. Modern curved kitchen island

2. Rustic wooden island

3. Perfect dining room

4. With curved overhang for space of stools

5. Light and elegant extension

6. Burners are put in the center of the bar

7. Large and in perfect harmony with kitchen design

8. Small and elegant

9. In black color

10. With a dozen drawers to take advantage of all the space

11. Minimalist design

12. Small and beautiful, ideal for couples

13. Contrast colors provides a touch of freshness

14. Light-weight with shelf included

15. With various compartments for greater organization in the kitchen

Which one do you think is the best suited to the space of your kitchen?

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