19 designs of wooden pergolas that will inspire you to put one in your patio now!


By definition, a pergola is a structure or framework formed by two parallel rows of columns or pillars that support a roof, beams, transversal belts or a lattice, on which climbing plants are usually intertwined.

Pergolas can be independent or be connected to your home; They are usually designed and builded to connect a shady promenade to a relaxation area. Whether it is a passage or relax area, the pergola need to be cozy, comfortable and spacious to enjoy.

Today, we will show you 19 ideas that we have especially selected. Let’s enjoy and go ahead with design your patio, terrace or garden!

1. Simple wood pergola with perfect furniture for a better environment

2. With simple roof and garden furniture

3. Similar to the previous one, with more elegant furniture

4. Triangle shaped with wooden chairs and curtains

5. With three beautiful porch swings in same tone

6. Sober design

7. Pergola in garden adapted with a family swing, for relaxing afternoon.

8. Completely outside

9. In combination with house, with fireplace and dining room in the center

10. At the center of garden

11. Wooden pergola with stone pillars and camp-fire at the center

12. In another color:

13. The roof and rails are good option

14. Decorate with blacksmith furniture

15. In harmony with wooden floor and dining room. You can decorate with small pots as shown below:

16. Small and beautiful

17. Pergola can always adapt canvas to receive more shade

18. With white curtains and a table for romantic afternoon

19. Our favorite: Curved wooden pergola with elegant roof and beautiful furniture

Tell us what is your favorite and why.

Remember that whatever you do must go in perfect harmony with both designs and colors for the best visual appearance.

Do not forget to share your opinion!

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