25 Best Exercises To Reduce Belly Fat


Reducing your tummy is probably the biggest challenge you shall ever face. And how to reduce belly fat by exercises? Even those who have lost weight complain about their stubborn belly fat which just does not seem to go. To get a flat and attractive looking stomach, you need to follow a particular diet chart and do certain kinds of exercises to reduce belly fat every day. By exercising we don’t mean just stomach exercises but also others. This includes aerobics, Pilates, dance, cardio and Zumba. Even though your tummy might be the most touch place to lose weight from, you should never give up. Trying is the first step to becoming successful. If you are sure you want to reduce your tummy, then you should read this article that will act as a perfect guide.

Exercises to reduce belly fat is a very important part of losing weight as it helps you to build up on your abs if you are inclined in body building or otherwise will make you feel really healthy and fit. Belly fat is only a hindrance to your lifestyle and needs to be cut down immediately. There are a number of ways that you can gain belly fat which may include undocumented eating, stressful lifestyle and even excessive drinking of alcohol which must be curbed at the bud if you want to help yourself live a healthy lifestyle. You should do a little research online first if you want to know more about losing some belly fat but one of the best parts about this article is that it is going to give you some of the best ways that you can reduce belly at home with some of the easiest yet most effective exercises.

Excellent Exercises To Reduce Tummy Fat:

Following are the best and most effective exercises to reduce belly fat which are tremendously works on your stomach, pick any one of them and get rid of your belly fat.

1. Crunches  Exercises To Reduce Belly Fat:

Crunches are said to be the best way to burn your belly fat. There are a variety of crunch exercises to reduce tummy that one could try.

Crunches help you trim your tummy
  • Begin a simple crunch exercise by lying flat on the ground with your knees bent and feet on the ground or
  • You could also simply lift your legs off the ground making a right angle with your legs.
  • The next step is to keep your hands either behind your head or cross them on your chest.
  • Inhale and exhale as go bring your torso on and off the floor.
  • This exercise is really good for your abdominal muscles and you could start by doing this simple crunch ten times as a beginner.
  • You could then move on to trying Twist Crunches where you lift your right shoulder towards the left, at the same time keeping your body on the ground.
  • Once you are used to twist crunches you could add on side crunch- that is to move your legs along with your shoulders from right to left.
  • Side crunches help you work on the side muscles.
  • Repeat the simple crunch, the twisted crunch and the side crunch ten times.
  • Once you have mastered the moves you should move on to Reverse crunch that is to move your legs behind along with your shoulder moves.
  • Let’s now move on to Vertical Crunch.
  • Begin with a simple crunch and cross your knees while your legs are still up.
  • Now just inhale and exhale like you would do in a simple crunch moving your upper body from the floor to the pelvis.
  • Now that you have learnt all the crunch moves it is best to practice 3 sets at one go and keep your tummy in shape.

A) Twist Crunches:

Twist Crunches

To make your stomach exercises much more effective, try doing some twisted crunches best exercise to reduce belly fat. Lie on the floor and place your hand behind your head. Now as you take the first crunch, lift your whole torso and shift your right shoulder towards the left. Come back to the normal position and repeat on the other side. Repeat this exercise for  belly fat the next ten times and then relax. You can also take a 5 second break and go back for another ten. Don’t overdo any exercise.

B) Reverse Crunches:

Reverse Crunches

To do reverse crunches exercise to reduce belly fat, you need to lie flat on the floor and place your palms flat on the ground. Lift your legs in the air and bend them till you make a 90 degree. Keep your legs suspended in this position. Now lift your hips so that you can bring your legs close to the chest. Apply some pressure on your abdomen as you do this. Now loosen your legs and bring it back to your chest. Repeat 20 times and then you may move on the next exercise.

C)  Ball Crunch Exercise To Reduce Tummy :

Exercise Ball Crunch
  • You must have an exercise ball.
  • Lie on this ball.
  • Keep the lower back properly supported.
  • Place your hands just behind head.
  • Now lift torso off this ball by contracting your abs for pulling bottom of your rib
  • cage to the hips.
  • Ball must be stable when your curl.
  • Lower down to do stretching of the abs.
  • Repeat this 1 – 3 sets.

D) Vertical Leg Crunch:

Vertical Leg Crunch
  • Lie down on the ground floor.
  • Your legs must be straight up.
  • Keep the knees crossed.
  • Now, keep your hands just beneath head for a support.
  • Contract your abs and lift the shoulders from the floor
  • Your legs must be in a fixed position so to crunch.
  • You can Do this 1 to 3 sets by repeating 12 to 16.
  • This is the best exercise to reduce tummy

E) Long Arm Crunch:

Long Arm Crunch
  • Lie down on floor or even a mat will do.
  • Extend your arms just straight behind.
  • Keep them clasped near ears.
  • Steadily contract your abs.
  • Lift the shoulders off floor very carefully just to keep your arms straight.
  • You can do these 1 to 3 sets.

The above all the crunches exercises to reduce belly fat are very effective and giving fast results in your body.

2. Bicycle Exercise To Reduce Tummy:

Bicycle Exercise

Bicycling is one of the best and perfect exercises to reduce belly fat without side effects. Lie on the floor and place your hands behind your head. Now lift both your legs up and bend them towards the knees. Take your right leg out and bring it close to the chest. After you have done that, simultaneously take your left leg out and bring it to your chest. Alternate your legs as if you are riding a bicycle. Continue doing this exercise for the next two to three minutes before you can stop.

3. Stomach Vacuum:

Stomach Vacuum
  • Stomach Vacuum exercises are just as important as crunches when it comes to getting your belly in shape. Stomach vacuums are often called the cat stretch pose or the four point pose.
  • It is called so as you basically you come down on all fours while your body stands on the ground with the support of your hands and knees.
  • Once in this position take in a deep breath and let loose your abdomen muscles and when you breathe out you tighten them.
  • Now hold your muscles for a good 30 seconds.
  • There’s another type of Stomach Vacuum exercise to reduce stomach and helps you trim your tummy.
  • Seat yourself on a chair and imagine that your stomach is a lift that is moving up.
  • Take a deep breath with your nose imagining as if you are taking your stomach to the first floor.
  • Now let’s go further up.
  • Exhale with your mouth while still pushing your belly up to 4th or the 5th floor.
  • While you exhale try to keep it at least 5 times faster so that you squeeze your abs in with each time you breathe out.
  • Repeating this five times will take care of your ab muscles.
  • Trying these two types of stomach vacuum exercise works best for a beginner working on tummy control.

4. Chair Exercise To Reduce Belly Fat:

Chair exercise
  • Most Tummy trimming exercises can be done at home. As the name suggests you simply need a chair to carry out this exercise. Let’s learn how to do this exercise for reduce belly fat.
  • Seat yourself on a chair with spine straight up and shoulders relaxed at the same time.
  • Position your palms facing the ground by the side of your hips.
  • Take a deep breath, while you breathe out, lift your legs up slowly bringing your knees towards your chest
  • Hold your breath and after five seconds slowly put your legs down.
  • Repeat this a few times.

5. The Side Moves:

  • One of the best and easy ways to bring down your belly fat is to work on your waist. This exercise is really simple.
  • All you need to do is stand in attention position, then slowly bring your right hand above your head making a C shape towards the left.
  • While your feet are still on the ground bend as much as possible towards your left the right side of your waist feels stressed.
  • Hold this position for 15 seconds.
  • And stand back to position one.
  • Repeat the same on the left.
  • Once you master these move you could increase the holding time anywhere between 30 to 45 seconds. it is very useful for belly exercise.

6. Step Hop:

  • Stand up with your feet hip-width set apart.
  • Knees must be slightly bent.
  • Keep hands on your hips.
  • Step forward using your right foot.
  • lift the left knee till the hip level
  • Hop straight upside on the right leg.
  • Get back by kneeing the feet together.
  • Do this for 16 reps.
  • You must also alternate the sides.

7. Single-Leg Squats:

Single Leg Squats

Single leg squats is the most ideal exercise to reduce tummy fat.

  • Hold the dumbbell or even a medicine ball just overhead.
  • Do Single Leg Squat 6 times.
  • Switch your legs.

8. Side Lunges And Press Outs:

Side Lunges and Press Outs
  • Lunge cross ways right
  • Keep press ball or a dumbbell just away from the chest.
  • Continue doing lunges or chest presses 5 more times.
  • Next do 6 left Lateral Lunges or Press-Outs.

9. Lunge Twists:

Lunge Twists

Lunge twists are the terrific exercise for get rid of belly fat. Stand and keep your legs apart. Keep your knees bent. Lift your hands in front of you and keep them straight with your shoulders parallel to the ground. Lunge forward now. Make sure your knees are making a 90 degree. Your spine should be straight. Don’t bend your spine. Now twist your torso to the left and to the right. Alternate the sides and repeat 16 to 20 times. You can increase the numbers every three days. This is one of the best effective and good exercises to lose belly fat at stomach for all the beginners.

10. Planks:


Planks are a great way to burn calories and remove belly fat. For this all you have to do is position your body in a push up position. Keep your body straight and refrain from bending your knees. Look forward. Now stay in that position for the next thirty seconds and then relax. Take a five second break and repeat the same exercise for the next six to seven times. You will surely see a difference soon.

Side Plank:

Side Plank

For this exercise, you must lie on the floor sideways. Now support yourself on your right elbow and leg. Keep your left leg above the right leg. Your hips should not be touching the ground. Stay in this position for the next thirty seconds. Let it relax for five seconds and repeat. You should do this exercise about seven to 8 times in order to derive the best out of it.

11. Dumbbell Cross Rows:

Dumbbell Cross Rows
  • Be in an athletic position.
  • Take dumbbell in your right hand.
  • Bend the knees and very slowly lower the dumbbell just across the body.
  • This must be towards your left ankle.
  • Now wait for 1 second.
  • Instantly pull the dumbbell up to your waist.
  • Repeat this 5 times, and then you can switch dumbbell to your left hand.
  • So 6 rows to the right ankle.

12. Step-Ups & Press-Ups:

All kind of these are very useful exercises to reduce belly fat.

Step Ups PressUps
  • Keep your right foot on the bench or a chair.
  • Hold the dumbbell or a ball at your chest level.
  • Instantly push off with your right foot.
  • Lift your left leg little high off the ground.
  • Also press ball or dumbbell to the overhead.
  • You can Repeat this 5 times and also switch to your left foot Step-Ups.
  • It is  good exercise to reduce tummy.

13. Farmer’s Walk:

farmer walk
  • Hold the dumbbell in your right hand.
  • Walk forward 6 steps.
  • Switch your hands and also walk backwards 6 steps.

14. Dumbbell Twists:

Dumbbell Twists
  • Take athletic stance.
  • Hold ball or a dumbbell overhead.
  • Instantly drive ball or dumbbell through your legs.
  • Bend the knees and also extend hips.
  • Stand up to bring the dumbbell or ball to the chest level.
  • Rotate from side to side.
  • You can repeat this sequence 5 more times.

15. Cardio Exercises:

Cardiovascular exercises

Another great and beneficial way to get rid of stomach fat is by spending forty five minutes on cardio every day. They are very helpful in flattening your stomach and have several other health benefits such as reduction of stress and increment in the lung capacity. You will also sleep better and stay active and fit throughout the day with the help of cardio. For the best kind of Cardio exercises, look up Jillian Michael and Jessica Smith on YouTube. They are the best in the business.

16. Yoga:

Ocean Breath yoga asana

Whether it is to burn those calories or reduce the chubby belly yoga work the best. A few Cardio workouts not just help you with your weight check but they also help you lead a stress free active lifestyle. This is also effective to maintain a healthy mind, body and soul. Yoga asanas are the best exercises for reduce belly fat in healthy way.

17. Walking:

side view of a couple walking on the beach

One of the easiest workouts is walking to get rid of tummy fat. A good half an hour to one hour walk every second day can help you reduce your overall weight and help you trim your tummy.

18. Running:


You could switch to running too! Burning those extra calories with a good run is also an effective way to reduce belly fat. Running is the best exercise to lose belly fat.

19. Jogging:


If you are not into running then a brisk morning jog could work well for you. So get your favourite playlist on to your iPod and head out each morning to shape your belly. The simplest  exercise to reduce tummy is jogging.

20. Cycling:


Ever thought of cycling? It’s a good exercise to strengthen your thigh muscles and burn a lot more calories. And cycling is very good and basic exercise to lose belly fat. You should do this cycling exercise every day along with diet then surely it can reduce your belly fat.

21. Swimming:

Swimming for weight loss

Last but not the least, consider swimming. Enroll yourself to the nearest swimming sessions if you haven’t already or if you are new to swimming. It’s a great way to keep your body in check. Even the simplest stokes practiced regularly can help you in your way towards reducing all that belly fat. We have so many belly reducing exercises in that swimming is ever green exercise and it will be good healthy habit if you do this daily.

22. Stair Running:

Exercises to reduce belly fat Running Up stairs

Try running up a flight of stairs during your walks or jogs on a daily basis for the most effective results. what happens is that by running up stairs you are putting your abdomen, legs and backbone to task which is very necessary so as to help you to lose weight in your entire abdomen area. You can start small at first and slowly build up your momentum by going up higher flights of stairs after a few weeks of practicing after you have increased your stamina.

23. Sit ups:

Sit ups

Sit ups are one of the best ways by which you help your belly fat reduce over time. This is especially good if you are using the exercise to build on your abs which is one of the best ways to earn lean muscle and destroy excess fat on your stomach. Sit up scan be done easily and can be practised in your home without any additional research but be safe and be healthy.

24. Toe Touches:


This is more of a warm up exercise that actually helps to build up the momentum in your body for other exercises but not many people know by practicing toe touches daily for a periodic time period can be very helpful in helping you reduce your fat in your belly. Toe touches do not need any additional research to learn as well because all you need to do is bend down and touch your toes making it one of the best exercises to reduce belly fat.

25. Twists:

Seated Back Twist

Standing up twists are also very helpful in regards to helping you lose belly fat because it puts your muscles in your abdomen to work making it very helpful when you are trying to lose belly fat. Twists are easy to do and are a great warm up exercise if you do it well making it a very valid exercise to reduce stomach.

This article talks about how you can easily do some exercises to reduce belly without any added artificial means in the sanctity of your home by following a couple of very easy exercises that you can do at the flick of the finger after a little bit of research because you would not want to hurt yourself.

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