6 fantastic ideas to decorate your garden with recycled objects


The plants improve the mood, transmit peace and harmony. Decorating plants is something very usual. Also, as you know, they are beneficial for health since they purify the air.

If you have plants with boring pots, unicolors, we give you several economical and curious solutions. Do you want to discover how to make original pots with recycled objects? Keep watching!

1. Decorating the trunk of a tree in this way is an idea that looks fantastic anywhere

2. Reuse an old fountain to create a fairytale atmosphere. You’ll love it!

3. If you have several different sizes pots and you feel that they take up a lot of space or you do not know where to put them, you can place one on top of the other and decorate them in a way like this.

4. Recycle your broken pots to create a unique decoration. Do not limit your imagination!

5. Tire planters: Recycle tires that you no longer need adapt them with plants and giving them color you want. They look beautiful!

6. If you have galvanized wire mesh at home and you have left a little. You do not know what to do with it, we have the option of ideal planter for you! As you can see, anything is useful when creating a beautiful flowerpot and changing appearance of your garden. You just need to let your imagination fly!

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