And I say! Given the industrial quantities of toilet paper people have taken home, we will have to do something to use it. Because one thing is clear to us, toilet paper cannot be eaten. But with the rolls, or rather with their remains, you can make some super easy and fun children’s projects. So, killing two birds with one stone, we have prepared a compilation of the best crafts with paper rolls for children at home. A great way to keep them entertained. And an idea to dispose of the two hundred rolls of toilet paper that you have under the bed. Let’s start!

Toilet paper roll crafts for kids

You will need the cardboard to make these crafts with toilet paper rolls, but we know you have plenty. In most examples, you will also use construction paper, scissors, glue, or paint. We suggest you substitute some materials for others, adapting the work to what you have at home. If the craft is made with cardboard but doesn’t fit you, you can use colored or white sheets of paper and have the kids paint them. You can replace the piece with paint, tempera, waxes, watercolors, or acrylics. Felt or Eva rubber foam is also a good option that is very easy to work with children. We want that you don’t have to go out and buy anything. And you will see what unique and exclusive works of art! You are going to create.

We have organized the content by theme, but there are crafts with paper rolls you can do on any date in all sections. You will love it!

Father’s Day

Some nice shirts with his tie and everything that we can give to our dad on his day. Seen on artcraftandfun

Paper roll crafts for the most elegant daddies, instead of suit shirts and bow ties, you cannot go more handsome. By easypeasyandfun

What if we use the scrolls to send messages to dad? We decorate the supports with images or photos of the little ones. As proposed in pinkstripeysocks

I love this organizer that I found in familia.mdogaturro! I think it’s going to look wonderful in dad’s office.

Is your father also the bomb? Because in that case, the ideal craft to give away on your father’s day is this one that we have seen on Pinterest