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How to make glitter cell phone case

This “Glitter Cell Case” is made from dollar tree foam sheets.U can also find foam sheets in Walmart for cheap. Superglue would work best for this project.I had one at home but couldn’t find so had to use the glue gun.

How to make skelten leaves

Types of work:   Do It Yourself / DIY Decorating> Decorating Difficulty:   above average Hours:   1 day Skeletalized leaves are widely used in scrapbooking and kardmeykinge, decorating gifts and bouquets … A separate (large)…

How to make a vacuum cleaner using bottle

For engineering or some other workers working on a desk with a computer, sometimes we’re agitated with dirt or small fragments of our work. They are scattered on the table to get even into the sidelines of your computer keyboard or looks…

10 DIY ways to revamp your old jeans

If you are bored with monotonous blue (blue, black) jeans, then you have the opportunity to decorate them using all kinds of techniques. DIY POLKA DOT DISTRESSED BOYFRIEND JEANS DIY DISTRESSED BRIGHT JEANS DIY: BLEACH-DIPPED AZTEC JEANS DIY…