How to make rose quartz earrings


These rose quartz beads have holes on opposite ends of the bead.

These are all really simple to put together. For this pair, I added this pearl leaf to the bottom.

I took a head pin, and placed it through  the bottom end of the bead (through the inside-top).

Then I created the loop and placed the leaf bead inside.

Now I had to finish it with the hook.

I took another headpin, slipped it through the inside-top and created a loop.

I added my connector, then the hook.

All finished!



For the next pair, I took the flat edge of my pliers and gripped the end of the piece of wire. I bent the length 90 degrees, then made my loop.

I added my star charm.

Then I took the wire and threaded it through the top hole from the inside.

I pulled it through.

Then, I took my round bead (this is one of my favorites!) and placed it on top. To finish, I made my loop and added it to the hook.



For this last pair, I used a different type of hook.

I took my headpin and threaded my round bead, then the rose quartz, making sure to not pull it through the top hole yet.

I added the blue bead, then threaded the headpin through the top.

Almost done! I snipped the excess length, pushed it to the side and made my loop.

Then I added my stud earring hooks and was finished!

Thank you for reading, do you have a favorite out of the three?