Stone cladding: 18 ideas to make the facade of your house look fantastic!


At present, the materials and methods of decoration have evolved in a very impressive way. You have different requirements when reform house’s section. You wonder about choosing materials to improve your home’s appearance? Will the stone cladding be a good alternative?

The answer for these questions is yes. Nowadays stone cladding has been considered one of the most resistant and showy materials in terms of decoration. This can be placed both indoors and outdoors and that’s a good choice for your home’s style. The decorations with stones enjoy a wonderful ending, since being a natural material transmits beauty and tranquility to those who contemplate it. Therefore, today we will show you variety of designs that exist and you can decide which is the best option for your home. Let’s start!

1. High stone walls, an excellent option


2. In one place with relief


3. Wood and stone: a perfect combination


4. Design of main stone pillars. A beautiful option!


5. Stone walls perfectly match the windows and glass doors with wooden frames


6. Stone cladding on the first floor for a magnificent view


7. A height single stone wall. Beautiful design!


8. For more sober tastes: Combination from natural elements of wood and stone


9. Stone in brown tones that look amazing


10. With a lot of relief: the best of rustic style to look on the facade


11. These are modern and beautiful


12. House is designed almost entirely by stone, the best option thanks to its long duration


13. Stone in modern design


14. Classic styles that never lose beauty


15. Unicoloured stones for serious tastes


16. Stone on wall and entrance


17. Ecopiedra pillars


18. Two small stone pillars at the entrance in multicolored design

What design would you like to use?

Do not forget to share with us those of your home.

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