What Will Happen If You Eat 12 Almonds Every Day for a Month?


What Will Happen If You Eat 12 Almonds Every Day for a Month? Almonds are considered as an excellent source of healthy nutrition and other important minerals that are important for human health and wellness. You have often heard in your childhood from your granny or mother that eat soaked almonds every day an empty stomach and it will sharpen your mind and make you healthy.

Well, we must say that was not a myth that was scientifically proved. In this article, we are going to introduce you some important facts and benefits of almonds and why they are necessary to consume in routine life. So read the article till the end and surely you will start to eat almonds every day.

Nutritional Value of Almonds:

Almonds are a rich source of vitamin E, fibers, proteins, magnesium, and amino acids. As well as almonds include all other properties that is needed for a beautiful skin and a strong body.

Although almonds are a little expensive nothing is prior to getting a healthy body and a sharp mind. Almonds contain Omega-3 fatty acids that reduce bad cholesterol and make your heart healthier.

Almonds are a good source of anti-oxidants and collagen that is perfect for beautiful and healthy skin tone. You can eat them raw or soaked or you can also make smoothies or milkshake. This superfood is beneficial in every form.

How Many Almonds to Eat per day?

As per the recent research study on almonds, it has significantly been noticed that at an average of 15 almonds are enough to fetch benefits from.

This Will Happen If You Eat 10 to 12 Almonds Every Day for a Month

1. They Eliminate Bad Cholesterol:

If you are suffering from bad cholesterol or LDL then eating 12 almonds on regular basis can reduce your trouble. You can start with 8 to 10 almonds then 12 are sufficient and soon you will get the unbelievable benefits and decreased cholesterol.

2. You can Get Healthy and Shiny Hair:

Getting healthy hairs are the dream of every young girl or guy. People do thousands of efforts but always face disappointment. But we say that doing this simple remedy can help you for sure.

Almonds include several prior vitamins and minerals that are compulsory for hair growth and shine. Magnesium, vitamin E and zinc are absolutely needed for getting shiny and strong hairs. how many almonds to eat per day for hair growth? So Eating 12 almonds can make you an owner of beautiful hairs with fast hair growth.

3. They Make your Mind Sharp and Fast:

You must be thankful to nature for providing such a superb food to human-being. Almonds contain fatty acids that help to improve your memory, make your mind more active and provide such energy to your body. So, no matter you are students or a professional or a simple housewife, sharp memory is always a wanted thing.

4. Reduces the Aging Sign:

Today’s busy and heavy lifestyle and so much stress make your skin dull and full of wrinkles, which can make you feel old and aged. how many almonds to eat per day for good skin? Consuming 12 almonds every day for a month can do miraculous change in your skin tone.

Its anti-oxidants, minerals and vitamin E eliminate the aging sign and wrinkles. Your skin looks younger and healthy than before. So start eating almonds as soon as possible.

5. Good for a Pregnant Woman:

Pregnancy is a fragile and important stage of a woman’s life and you need to be very careful about what you are eating. But for almonds, you need not to be careful. Almonds are quite rich in folic acids and omega-3 that are good for baby’s development and growth.

Also, eating almonds on regular basis can reduce the risk of organ defects during or after pregnancy. Almonds make your baby’s bones and muscles healthy and strong. There are different ways available for eating almonds so eat as you like.

6. Beneficial for your Bone Health:

Almonds contain calcium and manganese, which is known for enhancing bone health. They also include magnesium and phosphors and several nutrients like potassium, which make your bones healthy and strong. Bones are an important part of our body and millions of people are suffering from bone diseases.

So, the people who have weak bones must eat almonds on regular basis. Also, the children must eat almonds every day so they will never suffer from any bone disease or weak bones and weak body.

7. A Fine Source for Improving the Digestive System:

Some people are skeptical of almond’s benefits and think that they can spoil your digestive health but the truth is the opposite. Almonds have such properties that are good for improving your digestive system and bowel management.

The diabetic patients can also eat almonds on regular basis. Also, almonds improve your cardiac health and reduce the early risk of colon cancer. You can start with fewer amounts and then 12 almonds are enough in one day.

How to Eat:

Soak 10 to 12 Almonds in water Overnight and eat it next morning an empty stomach!

Why It is Important to Consume on Regular Basis:

Well, as we defined many adorable and super benefits of this superfood. They are extremely valuable for your overall health. You can get a pretty skin and healthy hairs.

There are very few nuts that work on both aspects but almonds trigger on your inner and outer body simultaneously. These tiny nuts can be eaten in several styles and you can add them to your favorite dish as well.

You will only know the results after eating 10 to 12 almonds for a month. Many people are satisfied with the results and positive effects on their body and mind.


The Mother Nature has created such a helpful and beneficial which tastes great. We are much concern about your health and wellness that’s why we introduce you many natural remedies.

Almonds have many healthy nutrients and minerals value available that is prior for your health. Though, almonds are rich in calories so people who are conscious of their health always avoid daily consumption.

But we must suggest you that ignoring almonds can lead you through many wonderful benefits ignored. If you want a healthy and strong body from inside and outside then accept almonds in your life.

We hope this article will surely help you to think again and if you are still not certain what to do or not then give yourself a trial for a month and see the results by yourself.

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