How To Make Easter Basket Out Of Paper


Easter basket

The heart rejoices the soul sings! And all because of an approaching wonderful holiday – Easter. It’s time to think about gifts relatives. What could be the best Easter goodies than a basket of Easter eggs with sweet Easter? Today I will tell you how to make a great Easter basket made of cardboard, but you already can decide for itself what to fill this beauty.
You will need: cardboard from old boxes, colored paper, cloth, glue, ruler and scissors.

1. Take any used box and Cut an oval desired size and sidewall 12 cm tall .

2. These parts warehouses basket

Here’s what has to come out.

3. Dilute with water and glue obkley basket wipes soaked in this solution.

4. With colored or painted watercolor paper Cut Flowers (choose the form of their own) and grass .

That’s about as cut flowers and green stripes have come out of thee.

5. Decorations basket Manufactured by greenery , flowers and fence .

The middle can send colorful silk or cloth gas or transparent colored paper .

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