35 ideas for outdoor spaces to relax on your days off

Outdoor spaces are essential for daily life.

The outdoor areas are often intended solely for gardening, leaving aside the fact that this can be the perfect space for family life.

What better way to live together than with a dining room or outdoor bench? To share delicious meals on weekends or hold meetings on important dates.

There are different types of furniture you can put in your patio or garden space, but everyone should consider weather resistance.

Eating outdoors relaxes our senses and makes family life more enjoyable.

It does not matter that the space you have is small. There are ideas and inspiration for any size!

Trees and plants will always be our best allies.

Placing a couple of benches to rest is a good idea if you want something other than an outdoor dining area.

If you don’t have space to plant, a wall dedicated to them is what you need.

You can even take it further and place a barbecue in the center of your outdoor space, to cook directly there.

Ideas for outdoor spaces

A minimalist design:

You can place a nice bar outside.

Nothing more beautiful than spending a quiet afternoon resting in the garden.