30 Small Front Yard Ideas to Make the Best of Your Outdoor Space

Small front garden ideas are just as important as back gardens – first impressions are oh-so-important, after all. And even if you’ve only got a tiny space, there’s still plenty of opportunity to make it count.

Your front yard is the first thing neighbors and visitors see and is your best opportunity to create a first impression.

Traditionally, a front yard consisted of a green lawn, a few foundation shrubs, a cement driveway, and a sidewalk that leads to the front door.

This often-overlooked and underutilized outdoor space present many opportunities and unique design challenges.

Evaluate your space. What do you want your front yard to become? A functional area for lounging and playing, or simply a more visually pleasing space?

How you landscape your front yard says what you want to convey to others about your home and yard.