40 Beautiful “Bathroom Tile” Ideas to Make a Small Space Feel Bigger

These stylish schemes could inspire you if you want to make your small wash space feel bigger. Read on to find out how your bathroom tiles’ color, size, and layout can impact how spacious the room looks and feels.

Wide-format tiles result in fewer joints and therefore show up less fussy grout lines, so the room feels less cluttered and more spacious.

A chevron or herringbone pattern can make a room appear more extensive as the shapes move the eye along the surfaces.

Similarly, a layout that creates diagonal lines can help the room feel more spacious.

Another clever layout for a small space is vertical metro tiles, which create the illusion of height to pull the eye from floor to ceiling.

Patterned tiles are beautiful, but too many could make a small bathroom feel even more compact. Instead, use patterned tiles wisely by introducing them on smaller surfaces.

Lay dark tiles on the floor, as the designers have done here, and contrast them with bright white walls. The black color is recessive and makes the white above it feel lighter.

The surface of the tiles is vital, however, as the glossy, mottled finish helps to reflect the light and bounce it around the room.

Whether you install the new tiles yourself or leave the task up to a professional, these bathroom floor tile ideas can inspire your bathroom makeover.