37 beautiful gate designs for your home

A gate, although very important, should not only be for the security of a property but also help to make the facade look elegant, increasing the added value of the house.

The gates that protect the accesses to the houses are generally elements that are forgotten when considering the general design of the residence, opting for prefabricated models or those found in specialized stores, ready to be installed, with predetermined measurements that make the design of the house have to be adjusted to the gate.

But this can be something other than so since a gate can be designed and installed to match the style of the residence, making it look much more attractive and striking.

Keep in mind that being outside, the gates must be highly resistant both in their material and to provide the necessary security.

Here we have gathered the most pleasant ideas to inspire you. Take note!

A gate does not have to be fixed, as in this case:

You can use the shapes to make them unique.

Design the holes small for more privacy.

Integrates wooden sheets into its components

Combine all colors

Follow the design of the gate, even on the walls.