41 Beautiful Landscaping Ideas for “Long and Narrow” Spaces

Having a long and narrow garden design is a luxury, but designing it can be challenging. There may need to be more than a rectangular dining table.

You have to think of how to maximize that potentially awkward space. So if you want to give your narrow plot a new lease of life and get that wow factor all year round, we’re here to help!

If you’ve got a long and narrow garden, you’re not alone; these are the most common types of green around. The good news is they can easily be transformed from uninviting corridors to beautiful oases.

A lengthy plot may be spacious one way, but the lack of width can lead to a claustrophobic and uninspiring vibe. The dingy ‘corridor’ effect is primarily what needs to be avoided to create a more welcoming space.

But it can also be tricky to work out how to make a long garden work for your needs. Where to put the seating area, the flowerbeds, and even the pathways can take time to decide due to seemingly limited possibilities.

Credit: Pinterest