52 ideas to separate the shower from the bathroom with glass blocks

If you need to learn how to separate the shower from the rest of the bathroom, stay and see these magnificent ideas that we bring to you.

Glass blocks are unique in allowing light to filter through and provide privacy simultaneously, making them an ideal material for bathrooms.

In addition to looking beautiful, glass blocks are resistant to shock and temperature changes. This allows them to be installed almost anywhere, regardless of weather conditions.

They also reduce the heat transmission between them; the same happens with the cold. This way, we can get more relaxed rooms in summer and warmer in winter, making them an ideal option for the bathroom, which sometimes becomes very hot or cold, depending on the weather.

They work as a thermal insulator, offering hearing protection and preventing noise from passing through. An air chamber between the block and the glass block makes the insulation better than a solid block.

Another of the main advantages is that they allow light passage, making the area look more prominent. Experts estimate that they allow up to 85% natural light to pass through.

As a general rule, we could differentiate the following type:

  • Neutral: as its name suggests, it is a colorless glass block.
  • With textures: the main difference here is related to the design since they incorporate textures to the surface that make them different.
  • Metallic: finished with metal to give other shapes or characteristics to the block.
  • There are also different colors to achieve genuinely stunning and eye-catching compositions.
  • Decorated block glass: they are the most creative since they include designs on their surface, from textures and colors to drawings or differentiated patterns.

Glass blocks for the shower: ideas