30 Comfortable and Cozy Attic Bedrooms Making Us Want to Move Upstairs

Over the years, the attic has gotten a bad rap. Although it’s commonly thought of as a dark, dusty space where rarely used holiday decorations and castoff pieces of furniture are relegated to collect cobwebs, we’d argue that this often-overlooked top-floor space — with its lofty vaulted ceilings, charming windows, and secluded location — makes an ideal bedroom.

These eye-catching attic bedrooms span sun-soaked, modern spaces to rustic, texture-rich getaways that may just have you packing your bags and heading upstairs.

Scroll on for ideas on turning an oft-overlooked top floor into a bedroom, courtesy of a few of our favorite designers.

A small bedroom with bohemian elements, such as a cute lantern above the bed, is the ideal cozy retreat on cold nights! Remember the decorative ladder, which also has a super practical use!

If you want a softer decor, use a pink and white color scheme for your attic bedroom to help create a personalized attic nook.

A bedroom in neutral tones is ideal for creating a calming sleeping environment, but if you want to add some life to the room without using bright colors, some simple plants that will only benefit from the skylight should do the trick!

You feel like you are inside a genie’s bottle in this attic bedroom. Take advantage of the attic if you need an extra bedroom: it could be ideal for a teenager.

An extra bedroom is always helpful, especially if you host visitors frequently. Two twin beds create a nice symmetrical look, but three can be used if the room is long enough. When arranged in a row, the repetition creates a distinct aesthetic. The blueprints throughout this space also contribute to the dreamy atmosphere.