10 Succulent Christmas Decorations to Brighten Your Holiday

Christmas is my favorite time of year, and succulents are my most beloved type of plant. So naturally, finding ways to incorporate succulents into my holiday sounded like a great idea. These decorations also make great succulent Christmas gifts for friends and family.

Why not try something different this holiday season instead of the traditional evergreen Christmas tree? Succulents are an excellent option for festive, refreshing holiday decor if you’re stuck for ideas.

Succulents are a great way to add a touch of nature to your holiday decor. Succulents are also ideal for busy holiday hosts because they require little maintenance. Here are some simple ways to use succulents to decorate your home for the holidays.

Succulent Ornament

A succulent ornament is a lovely and one-of-a-kind way to dress up your Christmas tree. You can make the succulent ornament by hot-gluing small succulents into glass ball ornaments..

Fill your clear glass ball terrarium with pebbles or sand for added stability, and arrange everything as desired. Hang it on your Christmas tree or in a sunny window as part of a larger decoration display.

Succulent Tree

Consider removing the traditional foliage from a small artificial tree and replacing it with a collection of small succulents glued or wired into place. Use succulents in a variety of colors and textures to add interest.

A foam cone and succulent cuttings can also make a succulent Christmas tree. Use greening pins or hot glue to secure the cuttings to the foam cone. Begin at the bottom and work your way to the top. When you’ve finished covering the entire cone, tie a ribbon around it or place it on a decorative plate or shallow bowl.

Succulent Wreath

You can make your succulent wreath base out of chicken wire or buy one already filled with moss. Cover the base with moss before hot gluing or pinning succulents into place with greening pins. It’s best to keep the wreath flat in a cool, dry place until the succulents have had a chance to settle.

Cactus Christmas tree

Cactus Christmas trees are a surprisingly popular option for unique winter holiday decorations. People decorate their cacti instead of buying evergreen trees, creating unique and eco-friendly alternative Christmas tree designs. Succulent Christmas trees are another favorite creative design.

Succulent Centerpiece

Fill a shallow bowl or tray with sand and add an assortment of small succulents arranged in holiday-themed shapes like stars or snowflakes to make a lovely centerpiece for your holiday dinner table. Cover the exposed soil with white decorative stones to make the shape stand out. For added ambiance, surround the arrangement with candles.

Cactus Head Santa or Snowman Mugs

You’ll need potting soil, and be cautious of the cactus’s thorns! Look for succulents that look like hair to put inside the Santa and snowman.

See? Don’t they look so sweet? You could even attach a gift tag to the handle!

Succulent Ball

Make a large “succulent ball” by hot gluing smaller plants onto a large foam ball for a more whimsical decoration. Allow the glue to dry entirely once all the plants are in place. Hang the completed ball from the ceiling or place it on a shelf or mantelpiece. Christmas-themed decorations, such as red ribbon, berries, moss, mistletoe, or pinecones, can be added to the ball for color and interest.

Succulent Garland

A succulent garland is much longer than a wreath, making it ideal for draping over a doorway, around the Christmas tree, or atop the fireplace. Make or buy a long moss garland base, then use floral tape to attach succulents at intervals along the length of the garland. Fill in the blanks with ornaments, berries, pine tree trimmings, or other festive items.

Succulent Gingerbread House

Finally, if you’re feeling particularly ambitious (or enjoy gingerbread houses), try making your edible succulent gingerbread house. Make gingerbread walls and a roof using your favorite recipe (or store-bought cookies). Once everything has cooled, use icing to pipe tiny succulent-shaped flowers around the edges of your house. Fill in the rest of your gingerbread house with other candies and decorations. Add some real succulents to the scene, but don’t eat them!

Succulent Branch Planters

It’s difficult to say whether this should be part of succulent decorations or a great idea for making succulent gifts! I made these rustic DIY succulent branch planters from pruned and fallen tree branches. Add a tiny pine cone or red ribbons for a more festive touch. Consider putting a little bird on the branch!


Succulents Make an Excellent Evergreen Decoration

You don’t have to wait to create a dreamy succulent room. With these ten succulent Christmas decoration ideas, you can try something new with your holiday décor this year.

Whether you go simple with an ornament or go all out with a gingerbread house, including these gorgeous plants in your Christmas decorating will surely give your home that one-of-a-kind touch that will have all your guests talking. So be inventive and have fun!