Christmas Centerpiece made from Plate and Ornaments!

Create a quick and beautiful Christmas centerpiece using a simple plate and one or more candles as a base.

These beautiful decorations will not take too much time or money since, to complement them, you can use what you have on hand, such as pine cones, spheres, fresh twigs, beads, Christmas glitter, bells, cinnamon sticks, etc.

Some valuable tips to make this decoration:

  • Use a plate or tray made of whatever material you already have at home.
  • Choose those with a simple and smooth design.
  • You can sprinkle some common salt to simulate snow on the plate before placing the candles and decorations.
  • If you want to add a touch of color to the candles, try decorating them with a piece of ribbon or ribbon in a contrasting tone.
  • If you place a cup, a glass, or a glass upside down under the plate, you can give your arrangement a little height (for example, in the last image).

Christmas centerpiece ideas with plates

For the hall, you can copy this idea:

This will look beautiful on your coffee table.

To give an intimate atmosphere, use dark colors.

Or something more elegant with white colors

Pineapples create a rustic atmosphere.

You can paint them

Just rolling up the ribbon and a few spheres is enough.

This is what we meant by giving it height.