22 Stylish Attic Living Rooms Inspirations

Attics are sometimes disregarded because they are thought to be too difficult to reach, too hot in the summer and too chilly in the winter, too dark, too dusty, and, in general, not easy to use for anything else but a storage room. In keeping with current interior design trends, the attic can be transformed into a cozy space where friends and family can spend time and have fun together. It might be a cozy nook for an old couple to rest, read a book, or watch a favorite TV show without being disturbed, or it can be a spot for youth to meet friends for a drink and throw a party. The attic offers an ideal opportunity to create a second living room. Many people would use this opportunity to establish an additional space to exhibit their extra ideas. So, open the roof by adding a skylight, and you have a beautiful, soothing place to sit and gaze at the stars.

Look for ideas below!

This additional sitting room is ideal for reading and enjoying coffee in the morning. The cushions, built-ins, and low furniture are suitable for an attic that can only be accessed via a narrow staircase (craning things in from above is another, albeit more expensive, option).

Leaving your attic apartment mostly open gives it much space, as seen in this attic home. The gorgeous living room is directly connected to the dining area and kitchen, with no walls in between to cramp up the space!

This small and cozy additional attic living room has a classic black-and-white theme, with a few accents in black and ink-blue catching the eye against the light brown laminated floors, white walls, and soft low-profile furniture.

A spacious and light-filled loft apartment. The bright, sterile-white walls are paired by exposed roof beams in contrasting dark, light brown floor laminate and a terracotta-blue storage nook. To create a somewhat eclectic style and delicate taste, soft pastel shades appear on large wall art pieces and on the carpet, some accessories, and textures.

A contemporary elegant attic studio apartment with a cozy living room, a small bedroom, and an office. The interior pays homage to the past while incorporating modern elements, with a preference for elegance, a nod to the past, and beautiful pastel colors. The walls are painted white to add amplitude to the space and to serve as a backdrop for all of the other interior components, which are a subtle mix of contemporary and vintage.

This is a relaxing living room, with cream-colored walls matching the beams and a wonderful sitting area warmed by the modern fireplace. The room demonstrates just how much you can do in a small space!