36 Ideas for Making Beautiful Use of Your “Side Yard.”

When landscaping, most homeowners put most of their time and money into the front of the house, followed by the back yard, but what about side yard landscaping?

A side yard garden doesn’t necessarily have to cost a lot of money, plus side yard design is a way to continue your landscape vision around the entirety of the property.

Side yards come with plenty of challenges. They are often the area where exterior utilities are placed, maybe the site of basement egress, are often very narrow and may have too much or too little sun exposure.

None of these challenges are insurmountable. The side yard is often overlooked, but landscaping can change from utilitarian and rarely visited a cozy space with shade plants and paths or a sun-infused raised garden area.

Here are some Beautiful Side Yard Decoration Ideas that you can easily use to perk up your walkable outdoor space with style!