48 Laser Cut Metal Pergola Designs To Add Style And Shade

Laser cutting is the number one choice for metal part cutting tolling regarding precision, edge quality, speed, and cost-effectiveness. The laser cutting service offers a perfect cut, even in the hardest of steels. Complex contours, small holes, and narrow strips are cut cleanly without burrs.

As you have seen, it is generally customary to make wooden pergolas. Still, we show you another option: to make laser-cut metal pergolas, which achieve a precise finish of any design.

This type of artistic metal pergolas is used to cover environments such as kitchens or bars.

This type of laser-cut metal roofing is ideal for dry or coastal climates where it does not rain.

Its precisely cut designs reflect the design on the floor, giving a fantastic atmosphere.

These pergolas are made of metal plates; laser cut into different shapes or figures.

If we paint these pergolas white, luxurious and modern styles are obtained.