Excellent tips for ordering your house before the end of the year

Clear the way for prosperity and order to enter your house hand in hand this coming 2023 with the help of these tips to order your house.

The first tips we can give you for a warm welcome to the new year are the following.

Place flowers and pots at the entrance of your house

We all know the importance of plants in the home, so an excellent way to turn your home into a place of peace and tranquility is by placing these wonders at your entrance house.

Starting the year with a neat and orderly home will reflect how we see our life now.

It is necessary to carry out a deep cleaning throughout the house to receive the year in a renewed way and, why not say, purified. For this, cleaning areas you have forgotten will be essential, such as shelves, cellars, shelves, attic, etc.

You must plan: One day is not enough to order and clean our house

Plan the time you will dedicate to each category by day or week.

Permanently delete what you don’t need: less is more. It is being honest with yourself and choosing what you want to keep.

Sometimes we complain that we lack space when our space is cluttered with unnecessary things.

Sort by category and not by spaces

For example, if we organize the books, not only do it with those in the living room library but with those throughout the house. This allows us to manage little by little, one category at a time.

The main categories are made up of the following items:

Miscellaneous: office supplies, electronic equipment, bathroom, kitchen, tools, decoration, toys.
Sentimental objects: photos, memories.
We must begin to order the easiest so as not to overwhelm ourselves, take the time we need, but always move forward.

Be persistent

When we start ordering an item, I suggest finishing it, so there are no pending items.

It is essential to have a place for everything.

The containers are handy for organizing the different items and thus make it easier for us to locate and use them.

There are different shapes and materials, such as plastic, acrylic, cloth, iron, and natural fibers.

You must define the importance of what you are going to save

If we have objects we don’t know whether to throw away or keep, I suggest keeping them in a closed box and putting a date on it. If in 6 months they did not open it, it is because they do not need anything inside.

There are small details that make a difference.

Remember to place indoor plants, scented candles, room diffusers, and seasonal flowers. Nothing is more beautiful than coming home and feeling it smells good!

Label those boxes of things you need to remember

It is not mandatory, but I recommend it because it helps maintain order. In addition, each family member will know where each object was kept.

Maintain discipline

The order does not maintain itself but requires time and dedication. We must generate small daily routines to keep it.

I hope these simple steps will help you enjoy a New Year’s Eve with more order and harmony in your homes; our tidy house gives us the possibility of living it more intensely.