30 Ideas to Lay a Paver Walkway With Grass in Between

If you have a landscape outside your home, you will know first-hand that landscapes are a great way to add an aesthetically pleasing look to the exterior of your home.

However, what else can you add to your landscape to ramp up its overall look and aesthetic appeal?

While there may be many different things you can add to your home’s landscape, one thing you may want to consider adding is a walkway. There is a lot of logic as to why adding a paved walkway to your garden landscape is a good idea.

Paver stone walkways generally require a gravel and sand base layer with little gaps between each paver.

If you prefer a more casual walkway, however, you can lay large pavers with broader spacing to create a stepping-stone walkway that allows you to keep the grass between each paver.

If you set the pavers into the soil, you can mow directly over the paver path without requiring time-consuming weed-trimming equipment.

This project works best with large, 12- to 16-inch pavers. Choose from natural stone pavers, such as granite, concrete, or thin flagstone.

Credit: Pinterest, jenwoodhouse