Dangling Plants That Will Blow Your Mind

How are you doing with your plant collection? Is it still possible to add new plants? If so, include a list of dangling plants in your pool that would make lovely houseplants. These plants are one-of-a-kind and stunning; some ornamental plants are easy for you to care for. For you, here are six dangling plants that will blow your mind.

Strawberry Begonia


Begonia should be on your wishlist! Not just begonias but Strawberry begonia (Saxifraga stolonifera). The fuzzy green leaves on this plant have an exotic pattern. As they mature, Strawberry begonia sends out long, thin runners. This runner end with a cluster of rounded leaves. Letting those runners dangle beautifully will make them the show-stopper in the house.

Cotyledon Pendens


There are thousands of different types of succulents. Each has its allure, likewise, with this cotyledon or cliff cotyledon. This is a hardy succulent shrub with lovely dangling branches and flowers.

Cotyledo pendans thrive in the sun and can go for extended periods without water. They will grow pretty flowers that are great as hanging plants.

String of Hearts


The string of hearts (Ceropegia woodii) is an attractive trailing houseplant with heart-shaped leaves. The top and bottom of this leaf are both colored. The top is a bright silvery-green color, while the underside is pinkish. When you hang this plant on the hanging planter, it will dangle beautifully.

Hoya ‘Mathilde’


Take advantage of getting a hoya plant. Hoya ”Mathilde” would complement any dangling flowering plant collection. When the flowers bloom, this plant is stunning. They will give you clusters of white flowers with a light fragrance that will welcome you as they bloom.

Medinilla Magnifica Bella


The showy Medinilla is a tropical flowering plant native to the Philippines. You might know it as a pink lantern or rose grape. The pink flowers and small fruit with fleshy, violet berries contribute to its name. It’s a slow-growing perennial and prefers a warm, humid environment. 

String of Turtles


This tiny succulent deserves your attention. Peperomia prostrata, also known as ”string of turtles”, can be grown from small pots. They sparkle with turtle-shell-patterned green leaves. It’s perfect for any miniature garden you want to create at home.