30 Wooden Walkway Ideas to Enhance Your Landscape

Good landscaping can add as much as 20 percent to a property’s value. Part of that landscaping includes a way to access it through walkways, paths, or cultivated areas.

Many people make great use of the area close to their home or building by installing wooden decks and then end up using a different landscape element to connect other areas of the space.

However, using wood decking for more than just the deck itself, like walkways, you may save money, lessen the maintenance requirements and add greater dimension to your landscape’s design.

Wooden walkways and pathways are a viable alternative to gravel or pavers. They can help give you a beautiful, durable, and maintenance-free landscape that complements the rest of your property.

These 30 ideas for wood walkways and paths will help give you a better idea of what’s possible for your property.