35 Best “Outdoor Bar” Ideas That Will Inspire Your Small Outdoor Gathering Area

We all want to spend more time outdoors as the weather gets warmer. Even simple things like eating dinner, having a drink, or enjoying your morning coffee on a lazy Sunday morning are made even better when you’re outside.

And if you like entertaining (and who doesn’t), it’s the perfect time to have people over to enjoy the great outdoors with you. When barbecue and cookout season rolls around, you’ll want to have a space that’s right for outdoor entertaining.

Whether it’s part of an outdoor kitchen attached to your house or its own standalone feature, these outdoor bars make entertaining outside a simple and stylish adventure.

From structures that will look great added to your patio to bars that integrate flawlessly with the wildlife around them, there’s a bar for every type of yard. No matter what style you choose, these outdoor bars will definitely give your yard an instant makeover.

Credit: Pinterest