22 Pool Designs That Don’t Need Much Space

When we think of having a pool, we imagine a large garden where it could be. However, having so much space and enjoying a collection is okay. In this book of ideas, we will show you 22 ideas for swimming pools in patios or small gardens so that you can get inspired. Using your creativity and resources will get a collection as good as the ones we teach. Prepared?

The pool is one of the elements that receive the most attention in a home and, therefore, one of the most important spaces, especially in cities with high temperatures. However, many homes need large spaces to install it, which is not an impediment.

Today we bring you various that can be adapted in small spaces and look incredible. Stay to see them all.

Small pool ideas for small spaces

Plan the installation of your pool well and allocate a particular budget for it. You will see how you achieve a remarkable space in your home.

When we have decided to build a pool in the garden, the first thing we should consider is the design, which must always be in harmony with the rest of the space and the house. We can always rely on plants and furniture to create a cozy area.

Although it is small in size, its depth can be at your whim.

We must take a good look at where we decide to build the pool, and it must have a good orientation; whenever possible, we will avoid spaces in the shade. Of course, this is the owner’s decision, but avoiding shadows that nearby buildings or trees can produce is advisable.