30 Beautiful “Backyard Pond” Ideas for All Budgets

There was a time when there was a minimal choice when it came to backyard ponds, but nowadays, there are so many options for creating a pond or water feature in your garden that you can be sure there is a style and maintenance type that will suit anyone.

Find an inspiring list of 30 backyard pond ideas you can start this weekend below.

Backyard ponds are known to create a relaxing environment that can help you to de-stress. Incorporating water fountains or running streams into your space provide sights and sounds that encourage serenity and calm.

You don’t need a large backyard to have a pond; even the most miniature gardens can accommodate a pond if you can get imaginative and creative with your room.

But if you have ample space, a pond is a great way to fill some of that space and create an exciting feature in an otherwise bland expanse of lawn.


A pond can help break your backyard into defined sections and make it more structured.

Credit: Pinterest