35 Chicken Coop Ideas With “Wood and Iron Net” That You Can Build

Are you in need of chicken coop ideas? Maybe you’ve thought about building a DIY chicken coop. Or, perhaps you need the inspiration to spruce up an existing hen house.

You’ve seen pictures of cute chicken coops and runs all over the internet, but you may still wonder how to get your chickens’ area to that level.

There’s a fine line between Instagram-worthy and functional chicken setups, but with careful designing and crafting, you can have your coop and enjoy it too!

Chicken coops are as diverse as the chickens they house – they come in all shapes, sizes, price points, and ratings. As a chicken keeper, the options to customize your hens’ space can be overwhelming.

But, just as with your home, as long as your chicken coop has “good bones,” the rest is simply a personal preference.

All henhouses should be practical and enjoyable for chickens and their keepers. Otherwise, keeping chickens becomes a chore rather than a joy.

By customizing some easy chicken coop ideas, you’ll be able to create the ideal space for both you and your flock. So without further ado, let’s dive into some chicken coop inspiration to help get those creative gears turning.